Cool Running… not the movie.

Post by Whitney :)

My most recent fall race with Stephanie

Though I love winter, it is more enjoyable to observe from inside a warm house. If you are participating in a race anytime soon, unless it’s against the treadmill next to yours, I bet it will be a bit chilly. This week in the big ol’ Gburg, I’m hosting a free Turkey Trot. I just looked at the forecast last night and it will be a rather brisk temp in the 20s. Yes, that’s a 2. Since most of you probably weren’t born in Antarctica, you might enjoy some tips on how to survive the cold.

What do you need to wear for a cold weather run? Here are some easy ideas to keep in mind to stay both warm and healthy!
1. Wick that sweat! It is important that your base layer (layer closest to your skin) is sweat wicking. This means not cotton or any other fabric that keeps the sweat on you. Dri fit is a material that I am obsessed with. Nike makes some awesome (expensive) versions, but even Walmart and Target have awesome options. In the picture, my pink long sleeve is a Nike dri fit over a Nike Pro dri fit shirt. It allows sweat to leave your body. When you’re done running, it also dries quicker so you don’t freeze.
2. Think of your noggin- Most heat escapes through your head. A stocking cap or ear warmer is important for cold weather running. I myself have extremely sensitive ears to cold air, so you won’t find me without some ear cover.
3. Cold feet… Pun intended. This may go against what you desire to do in cold weather, but don’t wear thicker socks to run in the cold. Wear what you are used to or maybe a pair of knee high compression socks. If you add a lot of thickness, your shoes will be too tight and it may cause blisters, not to mention sweaty feet. Your toesies will stay warmer with some room to move.
4. Gloves- I realize that sometimes wearing gloves can make you feel incapacitated and like you have to remove them constantly, but they will make your life better. The awesome part is people now make smart phone compatible gloves!! I got mine for about $15 from Target. They are thin, yet warm and are cool looking. Hey, who wants ugly clothes?!

The Turkey Trot Route in Greensburg.

The Turkey Trot Route in Greensburg.

I once heard that you should dress for weather 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature when running outdoors. When you warm up during the run, you may wish you had worn less otherwise. Unfortunately, that still only puts the temp in the 40s, so it’s ok to throw on the layers! I don’t run for speed, so I’m never concerned about my clothes getting in the way. If you find the need to wear shorts or a tank in the winter to run well, you may need to be evaluated by professionals. Just think of the bulk as resistance training for warmer days…. And to leave you, my mentee Tatum and I became artists today in honor of Thanksgiving. Throwback to grade school.

turkeysHappy Thanksgiving………….Until next time! Whitney


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